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Saturday, September 1, 2012
Whew!  I think I’ve finally managed to recover from my first week with the kiddies.  It looks like I have a great class and the only drawback to the whole week was a kid breaking her arm on the FIRST day of school!

Our principal has asked us to focus more on hallway behavior.  I must admit, this is something we all needed to work on.  Have you heard of 2,1,0? 

I think the poster pretty much explains it.  Anytime we’re in the hall, the kids are expected to have their hands clasped behind their backs, stand in one straight line, and stay quiet.  The whole school did a great job with this new expectation.  I noticed all the kids seemed to have more self-control and I was very impressed with my class.  This was new to them but they really tried to do a good job.  They earned so many compliments that I decided to take them out for extra recess at the end of the day and that’s when it happened.  The broken arm.  I felt horrible! 

Despite the arm, it was a great week.  I put extra effort into establishing routines and it showed.  I know I’m going to be anxious to jump right into the curriculum next week, but I’m going to make sure I continue with reinforcing my expectations.

Anyone else have an exciting 1st week?


  1. I love your poster? Did you make it? Our mascot is an Eagle too!


  2. Love the 2, 1, 0 idea. I'll be stealing that! And I love the font!! Which one is it?


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  3. Wow! My first day does not come close to yours... Soooo sorry for the broken arm. Definitely not something you will forget.
    Love the eagle poster!
    ;0) Melissa



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