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Thursday, January 31, 2013
If you haven’t heard yet, there are two super sales this weekend.  Teacher’s Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers are both throwing amazing sales.  So, pick your favorite or shop them both.  It’s time to load up your carts and get your shopping on!

I have more than a few things picked out already.  Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013
I love teaching volume.  For 3rd graders in the state of Texas, all we have to do is count the cubes.  Sounds so easy, but some of my angels have trouble counting what they can’t see – especially when trying to count 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional worksheet!  To help them with that problem, I created a PowerPoint that walks them through the steps I use for teaching volume.  The best part is that each layer of the prism is a different color which is great for visual learners (like me!).  I’ve had this volume lesson in my TpT store for awhile but I recently gave it a much needed makeover.  If you happen to have the original file, you’ll want to download the updated version. 

While I was in the mood, I also added to my Find the Volume worksheet file.  So, if you have that one, you’ll want to grab the updated file.

I also created a Volume Mega Bundle that includes all my volume materials.  If you need some activities for your volume unit, go check it out at either TpT or TN.

I’m really excited about teaching volume this year! 

Tablet for the Teacher

Saturday, January 26, 2013
I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Teachers Notebook is hosting a sweepstakes to win a tablet.  If you win, you get your choice of an
iPad mini®, a Kindle Fire HD® or a Nook HD®.  You can enter daily and time is running out so be sure to race over to Teachers Notebook before January 31st and get your entries in. Good luck everyone!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently opened up a Teachers Notebook store. I’m in the process of getting all my products uploaded but it looks like it’s going to take me awhile.  Next time you visit Teachers Notebook, drop by and check out my store.

Have a great weekend!

Fractional Relationships

Monday, January 21, 2013
Don’t you love the word “rigorous”?  If you’re anything like me, you have heard that term enough for rigor mortis to set in!!  Anyway, in an effort to make my math instruction more rigorous I typed up this fractional math sort.  I gave this to my class towards the end of my fraction unit after we had discussed fractions on clocks, fractions in measurement, and fractional parts of a dollar.

I told my class to cut out the cards and sort them but I didn’t tell them how to sort them.  I wanted to see what would happen.  Not surprisingly, a lot of my kiddos put all the clocks into a group, all the coins in a group, etc.  I was amazed to see that many of my kids sorted them by the fractional relationship.  After some guidance, everyone had their cards sorted the correct way.  We then added the sorts to our math journals and the kids had to explain the relationships.

This was an enlightening activity.  Even though some of my students really had to stretch, I was glad we did this.  It is very rewarding to see some higher level thinking taking place.

If you would like to try this one with your class, you can download this freebie at my TpT store or by clicking on any of the pics above.

Lapbook Templates

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Hey everyone!  I’m keeping this post short and sweet today.  I wanted to let you know that I took my How the Grouch Stole Christmas Lapbook Templates and made them generic so that you can use them with any fictional picture book. 

The templates are available as an editable PowerPoint file.  All you have to do is highlight the included text and add your own text.

This file is available at TpT for free for a limited time.  Click on any of the pics above to go grab your copy. 

Thanks for dropping by!

Monster Fun

Friday, January 11, 2013
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has gotten 2013 off to a great start.  The last 2 weeks have been cRaZy for me.  My whole family got wiped out with the flu all at the same time.  Then once I thought we were all finally healthy, my eardrum ruptured and I ended up with an ear infection and a sinus infection.  I’m still alive and kicking so life is good!

Today I did a really fun project with some of our 3rd graders.  We made puzzle piece monsters. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course!) but it comes from Danielle’s Place.

These monsters were so simple to make.  I gave each kid two puzzle pieces, some googly eyes, and some marabou.  I happened to have some left over blank puzzles that the kids use to create their own puzzles.  The pieces were white on both sides which was great! 

I originally wanted the kids to paint their puzzle pieces but I was worried that it would take too long for the paint to dry.  Instead, they used their markers which worked really well.

The kids were able to choose whether their monsters had magnets put on the back or shirt pins.  The boys had a ball playing with their monsters while they were waiting for the others to finish up.

This project is a definite keeper.  I plan on doing it again next year.


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