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Friday, January 11, 2013
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has gotten 2013 off to a great start.  The last 2 weeks have been cRaZy for me.  My whole family got wiped out with the flu all at the same time.  Then once I thought we were all finally healthy, my eardrum ruptured and I ended up with an ear infection and a sinus infection.  I’m still alive and kicking so life is good!

Today I did a really fun project with some of our 3rd graders.  We made puzzle piece monsters. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course!) but it comes from Danielle’s Place.

These monsters were so simple to make.  I gave each kid two puzzle pieces, some googly eyes, and some marabou.  I happened to have some left over blank puzzles that the kids use to create their own puzzles.  The pieces were white on both sides which was great! 

I originally wanted the kids to paint their puzzle pieces but I was worried that it would take too long for the paint to dry.  Instead, they used their markers which worked really well.

The kids were able to choose whether their monsters had magnets put on the back or shirt pins.  The boys had a ball playing with their monsters while they were waiting for the others to finish up.

This project is a definite keeper.  I plan on doing it again next year.


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