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Tuesday, August 6, 2013
We all love a good deal and it doesn’t get any better than FREE!  Each month I’m going to showcase some freebies that I particularly enjoy.  I’m hoping that by putting them all in one place it will be easier for you.

This is a great way to show your fellow bloggers some love.  If you want to join in on the linky fun, grab some of your favorite freebies and start posting.  You can post about your own freebies but be sure to spread the bloggy love by including a few from other people as well.  Tell everyone how valuable the freebie is and show them where to snag it for themselves. 

A freebie that I really like using in my classroom is “A List of Character Traits” by Mrs. R.  You can grab it at her TpT store HERE.  It’s a 2 page list of character traits that I have my kiddos glue into their reading journal.  They refer to it all year long when we’re discussing traits.

Since we add these to our reading journals, I shrink the pages so they both fit onto one page.  I used to do this with a copy machine by reducing, cutting, and pasting.  Now I do it with my printer’s dialog box – SO MUCH EASIER!!  Your printer’s dialog box probably looks different than mine but the concept is the same.  This is what I do when I shrink & print a pdf.

After we trim off the top, right, and bottom margins, we use the left margins as a glue tab.  The trait page hangs out of the journal so we fold it back.  You can see in the picture where I creased the page.

This is how the trait page looks folded up nice and neat in the journal.

If you only put glue under the left margin, then you will be able to lift the page up and write stuff underneath.  I have my students list their own traits.

This freebie is from the wonderful Kim Sutton.  If you ever have the chance to attend one of her trainings, you HAVE to do it!  She’s very upbeat and informative.  This is her Math Riddles Set #1 which you can pick up from her TpT store. She has a ton of math resources on her Creative Mathematics website.  In the download, Kim shows you how to set up a riddle board but, of course, I like to put everything in our journals. 

I have my students cut out the cards and glue them into their journals so that each card is a flap.  Math Riddles Set #1 comes with answers (thank goodness!), but I don’t share them with my students.  We pick one riddle a day and discuss possible answers.  I allow my students to pick the answer they like best.  Then we lift the flap and write our answers.  

I found this Fakebook freebie from Best Teacher Resources on TpT.  I’ll be honest – I haven’t used it yet but certainly plan to.  This is a great way to have kids show what they have learned about historical figures, scientists, and characters from novels.  I plan to add Fakebook to our journals so I trimmed off the margins and glued it in as a flap.  I’m going to have my students lift the flap up and add more details underneath.

I would LOVE to see some of your favorite freebies and how you use them in your class.  Please join the linky and share.


  1. This is a wonderful idea - I love sharing projects.

  2. Such a cute example of how to use Interactive Notebooks! I love them!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  3. Love your examples of how you're going to use interactive notebooks! your kids are going to love them!

    stephanie @ mrs d's corner

  4. Love Fakebook! The link above is a fake. Lesson learned to preview first!
    Porcupine Press



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