Paper Bag Books, part 2

Sunday, August 26, 2012
I’m back with some directions for making paper bag books.  If you missed my first post about bag books, you can read it here.  For this project any type of paper sack will do.  I’ve made small ones with lunch sacks like in the pictures below and I’ve made larger ones from regular grocery sacks.  My principal bought a ton of grocery sacks from Sam’s Club and I love them because there are no logos on the bags.  Grocery stores will often donate bags to teachers but then you have to work around their logo. 

You will need a rubber band and 2 sacks to create each book.

Take two sacks and lay them so that the bottom of the sack is facing up.  You will want the bottom of one bag to be on the right and the bottom of the other bag on the left.

The bottom part of the bag is used to create a flap. 

Once you have folded the bottoms over to create your flaps, place one bag on top of the other. 

Take both bags and fold them in half. 

Place a rubber band over the two bags and slide it so that it is in the middle of the bag.  I have seen people who have sewn the bags together for craft projects but the rubber band works nicely for class projects.

Ta-da!  Your book is ready for your project!  These books are so simple to put together.  If you decide to make a paper bag book, I would love to see it!

Happy folding!


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