TpT B2S Sale!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It’s B2S time and to celebrate TpT is having a sale.  YAY – it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for!  As you can tell by looking at my wish list, I really could use this sale.

If you need some ideas on how to use your TpT promo code, consider getting Mandy’s Sweet as Pie idiom unit.  This unit is packed with idiom activities that your kids will enjoy.  I did a review on it here.

Or, check out the Magical Product Swap hosted by Jessica from Mrs. Stanford’s Class.  There are reviews for more than 100 different products.

Of course, I’d also appreciate it if you dropped by my store to see if there might be something you can use with your kiddos.  Right now most of my items are math related but I do plan to change that once school gets under way.

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I will be gone on a mini vacay during the sale.  I set up my shop to have a 15% off sale without me and I’m really hoping it will work.  I’ll be without internet most of the trip but I’m hoping I’ll be back in time to buy a few goodies for myself!
Have a great weekend and happy shopping!  See you next week!


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